EXCLUSIVE collection consists of soft products made from specially softened (tumblered) linen terry fabric with loops of 100% linen and base of 100% cotton. They absorb moisture very well, do not collect static charges and are hypoallergenic. This fabric is suitable for persons sensitive to static electricity and creates the best microclimate for skin.

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Price 14.50 Eur

Linen slippers are made of specially softened fabric, therefore they are very soft, fluffy and comfortable. Linen has these qualities:

- High moisture absorbency (twice as much as cotton);
- Linen is suitable for persons sensitive to static electricity;
- Linen fibers are non-allergic, antiseptic and create the best microclimate for skin;
- Linen products will last longer than similar products from other fibers;
- Linen is ecologic and eco-friendly;
- Available in several colors and sizes;
- Loops: 100% linen, base: 100% cotton; trimming and soles: 100% linen;
- Made in Lithuania.

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