2013-04-04 Introducing e-business solutions to JSC "A Grupe"


In February 29, 2012, JSC A Grupė has completed the project Introducing e-business solutions to JSC A Grupė (Nr. VP2-2.1-ŪM-04-K-02-027), partially financed by The European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). The goal of the project was to increase company's productivity and competitiveness, optimize business management process, maintain present and create new jobs, increase export volume and improve the productivity of administrational labor.


Before the completion of the project, company's business software was outdated and didn't enable to manage the main business activities of  A Grupė electronically, due to which work processes were doubled, orders were being delayed. During the project, A Grupė has acquired and installed a new business accounting system AGNUM, new hardware and a business management system AIVA for e-store content management. The new systems have increased work productivity and sales volume in A Grupė, sped up information movement among different departments and lessened the possibility of errors and also decreased the company's advertising costs.


A Grupė will continue to use and refine the new e-business solutions to be able to invest into creating of new products and the search of new markets.