UAB A Grupė is a linen textile factory in Lithuania, founded in 1990. It was and still is one of the few companies in Europe that weave high-quality plain, plise, goffer and terry linen fabrics and sew rough and soft articles for home, bath and sauna.

   In 2010, UAB A Grupė has acquired new weaving machines able to weave wide fabrics, at the maximum width of 2,60 m. The new weaving looms are able to produce more varied fabrics, thus, along with linen terry and plain fabrics, the company has started producing plise and goffer fabrics. This new modern equipment helped the company to expand its product range from solely home textile fabrics to high quality fashion fabrics.

   Starting from 2016, the company has expanded its finished textile products line to include apparel. Since then, our team of professional craftsmen and an in-house designer keep developing increasingly diverse and unique linen fashion fabrics and homewear.

   As a result to significant customer demand for fashion fabrics, at the end of 2017, UAB A Grupė has acquired more new weaving looms from Picanol, Belgium, and a fabric sorting machine. Since then, the factory has expanded its fashion fabric collection even more. Having acquired the new, modern looms that have greater possibilities, the company can offer wider range of more diverse premium quality fabrics from extremely thin and light fabrics to heavier different composition fabrics, as well as fabrics containing various fancy yarns and different pattern fabrics with complex relief effects. Now UAB A Grupė can produce from 150cm to 320 cm wide fabrics, according to customer requests. Moreover, the new equipment minimizes the fabrics defects to 1% and increases production speed. UAB A Grupe is planning to keep growing in fashion fabric production and sales significantly.